6 Reasons Why You Should Not Skip Eating Curd Daily


Indians have a habit of eating curd every day. Although most of us eat, there are few people who skip eating curd for no particular reason. Especially, when you are away from home or lazy to prepare curd or buy it, we skip eating curd daily. But here are 6 Reasons why you should not skip eating curd.


1. Improves Digestion


We eat too many unhealthy foods in a day. Curd is a probiotic dairy product smoothens your stomach. The good bacteria present in curd will soothe the inflamed digestive system and treat your upset stomach. Eating curd is a solution for almost all your everyday digestion problems. 


2. Increases Immunity


Eating the curd will boost your immune system. With the active bacteria present in curd, it will fight against disease-causing germs and keeps you healthy. Also, since the yogurt is packed with proteins and vitamins, it has lactobacillus that improves the immune system.


3. Glowing and Healthy Skin


One amazing health benefit of eating curd is, it keeps your skin natural moisture. The lactic acid present in the curd helps in removing the dead skin cells and reduces skin aging. If you have noticed, almost all face packs and skin beauty products have yogurt. Eating curd every day will keep your skin hygiene and glowing.

4. Controls Blood Pressure


Maintaining blood pressure to the normal is mandatory with the changing lifestyle. If you have high blood pressure and want to keep it normal, then the curd is one best solution for it. As per the research conducted in the American Heart Association, Yogurt will help lower the risk of developing blood pressure, especially hypertension. People who don't eat curd are likely to prone to high blood pressure problems.  


5. Benefits Bones


Eating curd every day will contribute to calcium intake in the body that usually makes bones much stronger. Eating '¾ cup of curd will serve 275 mg of calcium intake in the body that provides good health to bones. 


6. Prevents Vaginal Infections 

When we talk about vaginal infections, yogurt is one thing that naturally prevents all vaginal infections. Yogurt is beneficial as it has lactobacillus, good bacteria that helps yogurt to restore the yeast balance in the vagina. Curd has the natural power to control the infections in the body by producing hydrogen peroxide that has the capacity to kill the yeast.