Ahead Bihar Elections PM Modi Praises Nitish & Takes Dig At Lalu


Ahead of the Bihar Assembly polls and amid the growing rift between NDA allies Chirag Pawan-led LJP and Nitish Kumar-led JDU, PM Narendra Modi endorsed Nitish Kumar as the face of the NDA, saying the Bihar chief minister played a key role in taking the state on the path to progress.

Giving Nitish Kumar a pat on his back for ushering in sushasan (good governance), PM Narendra Modi expressed confidence that the "good work of 15 years" will continue under the leadership of the JDU chief.

"Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has a very important role to play in taking Bihar forward on the path to progress. We must ensure sushasan [good governance] in Bihar. The good work done in the last 15 years must continue," PM Modi said.

PM Narendra Modi further said that institutes of higher learning have come up in the state under Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and good governance must be ensured.

"In the last 15 years, Bihar has shown that development happens with the right government, decisions, and policies, and also reaches everyone. Infrastructure has improved. New medical and engineering colleges, law institutes, and polytechnics have come up. We are working for the growth of all sectors in Bihar," PM Narendra Modi said.