Bengaluru: Staff Members and Prisoners Tests Positive for Coronavirus.


23 prisoners were found positive for coronavirus on Wednesday, other than them there are 6 staff members/ constables were found positive too.

BBMP commissioner as told the media that they are trying to track the primary and secondary contacts of these 23 inmates and will soon find them put them under tests for COVID-19.

The 23 inmates were first tested to be negative in the first round of COVID tests when they were produced in the court, then their samples were taken for second round of checking to turn out to be positive along with 6 constables.

As per the jail protocol the second round of testing took place amongst 150 other inmates. BBMP Commissioner also mentioned that these 23 inmates will be sent to COVID-19 care centers as prisoners and will return back after their recovery. They are currently in the Haj Bhavan’s care center.

The jail cells were sanitized and yet these cases occurred, these 23 inmates and 6 guards have a common hall and hence the virus has spread that way to one another in some days.

The BBMP is trying to trace back all the contacts and trying to understand how these 23 inmates amongst other 5000+ members inside the jail got infected.