Checkout Top 6 Most Dangerous Airports in the World You


Many passengers take flights for a safe and quick journey. But what if the airports itself are scary. Check out the top 6 most dangerous airports in the world.

Gibraltar International Airport in Gibraltar:

The airport in Gibraltar has an unusual runway which has a common point with a busy highway. The runway and the highway road are in a perpendicular shape. For the flight landing or takeoff, the traffic needs to be at a halt. Additionally, the runway is very short in length and ends at the Mediterranean Sea on its either edges.

Princess Juliana Airport in Saint Maarten Island:

The airport that is located in Saint Maarten Island has a most dangerous runway which is right behind the Maho beach. The flight landing will be just above 10 to 20 meters above the heads of the people. This cause a huge wind and weather problem for the tourists and other people who came to enjoy the beach.

Courchevel Airport in Courchevel, France:

The airport in the Courchevel in France has a very short runway. The length of the airport runway is 525 meters and the angle of inclination is 18.5%. The ILS system is also not arranged in the strip where the runway is taken in the snow fog.

Madeira Airport in Portugal:

In 2016 the Maderia had become a popular destination spot for tourists. But the airport in the city has the most dangerous narrow runway and scare the passengers to death. Due to the strong winds in the area passengers always want to pray for a safe landing.

Tenzing and Hillary Airport in Lukla, Nepal

Tenzing and Hillary is a small airport which is located in Nepal and surrounded by the Himalayas. This airport had a single runway with 500 meters length, 20 meters width, and the slopes at angle 12 degrees. The depth of the mountain valley around the airport is nearly 2000 feet. It has only one-way take off and one-way landing.

Narsarsuaq Airport in Greenland

The Narsarsuaq airport in Greenland is surrounded by white ice and mountains. Due to the ice, the take-off and landing of the flight will be difficult. The length of the runway is 1800 meters in length due to this the landing will be stressful.