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Countries That Banned Google| What Do These Countries Use?


Google is the most powerful thing to help us through any problem we've got, in today's generation it is all that is needed for a person to succeed. We all use it in our daily lives without even knowing how much it keeps helping us. But it is banned in a few countries.

Google is banned entirely in China and also partly in other countries such as Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and almost all Arab countries. One knows how important a role Google plays in each and every person's life but the reasons that most of these countries have for banning it are very reasonable.

Why is Google banned?

Starting off with China which has something called the Great Firewall of China that is enforced by the People's Republic of China to regulate the internet domestically and this is because PRC thinks that Google isn't just a search engine but it is one of the biggest spying engines in the world, it is used to provide extremely confidential information to different governments.

In the Arab countries Google isn't entirely banned but it if highly censored, only good news or propaganda is broadcasted in the media by the government.

In North Korea, the internet isn't allowed and all activity is monitored by the officials, this is due to the fact that the Supreme Leader doesn't want citizens of the country to be able to get in touch with people of different countries or even know much information about people outside their country.

Sudan, has had a lot of protesters and due to this the dictator has to cut off Google's use nationwide and this had been going back and forth periodically.

Syria has blocked multiple websites and anyone who accesses the restricted websites is arrested, even though there is little access found here, people aren't able to use this because of the situation of the country.