Delhi Man Executes his Own Murder for Insurance Money


Gaurav Bansal was a 36-year-old a common man who had financial issues. Generally, people have different approaches when they need money, instead of for a plot twist this man hired contract killers to kill him. He had met a teenager online through his cousin, and they started having frequent chats over this topic.

The deceased had planned his own murder without his family knowing, he paid people to kill him. The man just wanted his family to get the insurance money so that they do not have any debts. 

Gaurav Bansal’s body was found hanging from a tree. The three men that were arrested were Suraj who is a 10th grader, Manoj and Sumit. These men took ? 80,000 for the killing of Gaurav in the outer part of Delhi.

After finding his body, the police ruled out enmity and robbery as the body was 40 kilometers far from his house. Then the police used call records to track down Suraj and then the boy had confessed about the series of events. These kind of events are rare but have occurred before, people in need for money use desperate measures to get what they need.