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Did You Know Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears?


How astonishing is that? Butterflies drinking turtle tears, it is not less than any fairy tale that we have read before, isn’t it? It is as true and astonishing as it sounds, yes you heard it right. It is a very lesser-known fact about butterflies.

Now you may ask the basic and obvious question why do they drink turtle tears? The answer is very scientific, it because they go in search of nutrients, sodium to be precise. When the butterflies have salt cravings, they prefer the Turtle tears.

It is not just the butterflies but other insects and birds too who depend on sodium or salt necessities. All the herbivorous or the plant eater insects and animals or birds need these sorts of ways to find salt in their body.

Parrots are seen to be drinking water on the riversides, and insects get attracted towards salt areas or where there is any kind of pee on roads or on the floor insects are attracted there be it ants or other insects.

Butterflies drink turtle tears in order to fill their nutrient which keeps missing from their regular diet, sodium. And turtle tears have an abundance of sodium in them and hence it attracts the butterflies to drink them up and fill them. Sodium or tears are like a treat to the butterflies.

They sit very gently near the turtle eyes and sip the tears smoothly without causing pain and fill their stomach up. It is their nature to sit up and drink from the turtles whenever the opportunity provided.

The turtle tears have loads of sodium in them and hence they cry out to clear the excessive sodium from their body which in return helps out the butterflies to have a fill in their diet.