Digital Revenue Of Indian IT Companies Reach $50 Billion


3 years ago, the Business analysts looked at the advances in the technology in new digital areas like AI/ML, robotics, sensors. They were then convinced that Indian IT was not responding to the ongoing technology changes. Also, some predicted the demise of Indian IT leading companies.

The latest digital revenue has changed all their opinions. The new figures from Indian IT association Nasscom shows that the new digital areas have crossed over $50 billion revenue milestone in the last fiscal. It is calculated more than a quarter of the total revenue of $191 Billion.

Some of the leading companies even figure it higher than the quarter. Companies like TCS, Wipro and Infosys accounted for 33%, 41% and 42% respectively of their overall revenues for the same fiscal year.

However, each firm define digital differently. These numbers are strictly not comparable. But it is definitely an indication of amount of progress Indian Digital revenue made. Nasscom started breaking digital from the year 2012 and as in that year, digital was barely 4% of the sector’s revenue. If we consider the year 2015-2016, it was estimated in between $16 billion to $20 billion i.e., 11 to 14% of overall IT Services revenue.