Do You Know What Happens When You Drink Cool Drinks? Is it Safe?


Cool Drinks like Coco-Cola, Pepsi and Thumbsup are world-famous sugary drink loved by many and also consumed by many. It has a high level of sugar and has many effects on the human body once consumed.

Though the drinks are very delicious but there are many forthcomings after consuming this.

Anything and everything you overdo is bad and so is consuming this sugary drink, there are issues such as an increase in blood sugar levels which will lead to many more diseases, and keeping the high blood sugar level is very important to maintain a fit healthy life.

The blood sugar level increases very soon right after the consumption of the soda, and hence once in a while must be okay, but regular consumption may turn out to be bad.

Diabetes is another disease which can be caused due to cool drinks too, cool drinks also has a major effect on the brain, kidney and liver.

The direct effect after consuming the soda will be that on a normal basis if there would be no phosphoric acid than the sugar inside the soda than a human body would just vomit it out, but since there is that acid the taste is cut off making it normal and delicious. Once consumed the sugary drink after 40 minutes there is a spike in the sugar level instantly making the pupils very dilated and the blood sugar has risen up by then a lot of it.

It causes a lot of drowsiness and irritation inside the body making a wave full of unease flowing through the body. Cool Drinks can cause a lot of other instants and far fetched problems and not only cool drinks but any soda in general causes such problems and issues, best is to drink water and stay fit.