Do You Know Why

Do You Know Why North Korea Is Dark At Night?


Almost none of us know what happens in North Korea, but with the available footage, it is always seen that North Korea is Dark at Nights. So let us take a look about what happens in North Korea at night. 

To be able to comprehend why North Korea is dark at night we have to understand a little history of it i.e, when it had the best generation capacities in East Asia but during the 1990s when the Soviet Union took a fall it took down the electricity generation in North Korea along with it, it is said that the amount of electricity provided during that time was double of what is provided right now.

Authorities give electricity to the citizens according to the priority which is basically the comprehensive supply management system. About one out of three North Korean citizens said to live without electricity which is unimaginable as there are also amusement parks that function with almost no power cuts at all stealing the supply from the ordinary citizens.

North Koreans seem to have less than one-tenth of the power supply that is generally used by a single South Korean, this is hugely due to the fact that after the Soviet Union fell and was no longer an extremely friendly nation to North Koreans they had to pay for all the imports in market prices.

Considering the fact that electricity costs money, the people living there did not have enough to pay for this basic essential thing. Supply according to priority is basically to the important factories or the prestige projects because this is where the revenue is obtained from and if they aren't even able to give electricity in these factories then it will be looked at as if the nation is falling apart.

Lifestyle Of Inhabitants

A lot of people who live here are habituated to getting sleep really early at night because there isn't any light for them to work but the kids or people who do have some work have to use the street lights for it. The North Koreans have lived in this way for so long that when asked to comment on this situation they said "essence of society is not on flashy lights" and this is something inspirational for everyone to learn. However, it is clearly evident that North Koreans have many restrictions.