Do You Know Why

Do You Know Why SpaceX Historic Astronaut Flight For NASA Have Two Commanders?


SpaceX has recently launched two of its top astronauts to the space station they are namely Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley. While all the space travel missions send just one person SpaceX decided to change it up a bit because both the people have their own expertise and are sent to put in their all in their respective fields. Hurley functions as the Crew Dragon’s spacecraft commander while Behnken as joint operations commander

Apart from the responsibilities that both of these people have, their main mission is to help Chris Cassidy for figuring out how the Crew The dragon can become mean transportation to and from the space station, there is also, a possibility that these people take part in some spacewalk outside the space station to help upgrade any possible parts.

Elon Musk is extremely happy with this success as he has put immense efforts into this project for many years and this makes him a step closer to his dream which is to start life on Mars, this achievement brought him appreciation from Donald Trump who was present at the launch of the SpaceX rocket.