Do You Know Why

Do You Know Why Tension is Raising Between China & India


In May, there were speculations of the fight amongst the soldiers in China and India alongside the border. The fights were in the borders of Himalaya, 14000 above. However, they also mentioned that both countries do not want war.

After some days, the Chinese army in many parts of the border which were about 1000 miles apart confronted the Indian army. It is seen that the Chinese troops have bulked up their dump trucks, excavators, troop carriers, artillery, and armored vehicles all around the border, to occupy the Indian territory.

Due to the border rules, no shots have been fired from both sides from years but there have been stone-pelting, wood was thrown onto each other, from these, there were several major injuries in the Indian army alongside the Pangong Tso border. To evacuate them their helicopters were used.  

What Does the Indian Army Officials Say About this?

The Indian army has also confirmed that n-number of troops have found their way into the Galwan valley in Ladakh.  They are in shock on how many troops have to fund their ways into the Indian territory.

There is a road which was built for thousands of KMS until a higher altitude for the airbase activities and since then there have been movements of the Chinese troop coming into the territory.

Ajay Shukla a Military expert told that the Chinese have gathered themselves in areas, they consider being their property by themselves and are claiming it theirs.

Will India & China Call for a War?

There are speculations of war until now, in this situation it is not in anyone’s mind to go to war. But the heat and rising tension between the countries have been prolonged since the year 2017. Now, if the two most populated countries in the world go to war it will just invite hotch-potch and trouble.

What is China’s view about the rising tension?

The other side, the Chinese military and news media and also along with their president of Chengdu institute of world affairs claims that the Galwan valley was their territory and the Indian army have forced their way into it and are making it troublesome for everyone around.

They also say that the Chinese army force is massive and this shows the strength.

Although the War-Tension is rising, India-China may not start War

On Wednesday, Donald Trump president of the USA came forward and twitted saying “raging border dispute”

Not only India but also other border sharing nations with China have seen the strong territorial claim around them amid-st the coronavirus situation going on in the world. The Chinese have sent a Vietnamese in the south sea of China, next they swarmed a Malaysian offshore oil rig, and tightened their claim and grip in the borders of Hong Kong.

The Government of India has also spoken and told a bit on the situation and they say that the Chinese military troops have started changing their patrolling patterns and places and they and hinder around in unusual places.      

According to Brahma Chellaney, Bejing’s military base have sent a political message to India saying that India must not get close with the USA during the backlashing times of the coronavirus been blamed on China and also that China’s influence is growing around India in Pakistan and other border sharing countries. In Thailand, China has bought an island just a few miles away from India.

Brahma Chellaney also told that due to the coronavirus crisis in India the economy has been down and that India is no condition to go to war now.

China being the second most powerful military base in the world, also its economy has been growing and not depleting, unlike India. They can manage their money from their military bases and also their infrastructure is better. Also, if two nations go on war now there is everything to lose from both the ends as they say.

Pratyush Rao, South Asia control risk associate also told that now India and China only want to concentrate on the recovery of their failing economy and not go to wars and avoid military escalations.

It is also to see that there is peace maintained from many generations amongst these two nations even though tension has been raised yet peace can be maintained even now during the crises of the world.