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Does North Korea Have Internet? Are There Any Internet Restrictions?


North Korea has a lot of restrictions in all aspects, right from the haircuts to the type of clothing people wear, Government chooses it. Apart from this, one quite surprising aspect is, local North Koreans do not have access to the World Wide Web or so-called the internet and even when they have the right to use with special authorization there is extreme high censorship done by the government which limits what the people can see and get to know about the outside world.

All the people living here have been denied the basic need that is being connected to the whole world and this is what makes them backward and scared about the consequences that would occur if they violated the rules and tried to access anything other than what is offered.

Why does North Korea's Government does not allow full access of WWW to the citizens?

The North Korean leader has thought that the citizens can be kept in full control under their wing only if they do not get to know what is happening outside their country. So that the citizens of North Korea only see in the television or all that they can get to know on the internet be only about their leaders and what is taking place in their country.

How do the people here survive without the internet?

All the people living here haven't seen how the outside world functions and never had entire access to the internet as all of us to and this is the main reason how they are able to survive without the internet. When people try to obtain anything that is against the rules of the North Korean government they are punished with a death sentence and so were the hackers who tried to earn money by developing software that wasn't permitted. Every gadget with or without the use of the internet is bugged before it reaches a person and this is how the officials are controlled and how they control the citizens.