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Foods To Help You Fight Depression| Can Food Changes Help?


Depression is a big deal, considering that a lot of people are affected by it but do not get proper help required for it. Getting help from a psychiatrist will possibly help but they’re diet changes that one can make in order to help boost confidence and get out of depression.

Food changes do not completely send away depression but a well-balanced diet is always helpful to make a person mentally fit too.

1) Cutting out added sugars has shown to improve not only physical health but also mental health drastically, the sugar rush in the body doesn’t occur as frequently and therefore lets the brain stay calm

2) Selenium rich foods – Nuts, whole grains and even animal organs are rich in this. It is medically proven that these foods will help people who are going through mental health issues. This hormone is directly proportional to people’s happiness and when it is consumed it brings up happiness.

3) Omega – 3 fatty acids are said to help with anxiety and depression. The foods that are rich in this are cold-water fishes, flax seeds, chia seeds etc. Even though there is a supplement for all of these nutrients, it is better for people to consume food as the pills can clash with the other medication that people consume.

4) Antioxidants, green tea is said to be very rich in these and also claims to help weight loss. As antioxidant-rich food is not really dairy-based or non-vegetarian, everyone can consume plenty of it in a day. Some of the food people can consume for these are plant-based foods, berries, soy, other fruits etc.

5) Vitamin B is also an essential nutrient that is available in almost all the foods people consume on a daily basis. The foods that people eat should not just have a few of these nutrients but should have sufficient nutrients to help the body function properly in turn keeping the mind breezy. Non-vegetarians can consume eggs, meat, fish, oysters and even milk. Vegans and vegetarians can have dark leafy vegetables, fruit and fruit juices, nuts, whole grains.

6) Zinc helps the immune system feel better. This helps with depression when taken in the required amount. Some of the zinc rich-foods are whole grains, beef, chicken, and pork etc.

7) Caffeine is supposed to help boost the mood of a person in a good manner when consumed in moderation. Just like everything else, this isn’t good when consumed out of limit. Caffeine is available in coffee and a lot of other things but it is better to consume it without any added sugars.

In general, having a balanced diet keeps a person’s body looking good and their mental health perfect too.

NO NO’s for people going through depression

1) Alcohol, this can’t be stressed upon enough as it is extremely harmful to people to consume it generally but especially with depression this isn’t a good combination. Alcohol is said to trigger emotion in people and when a person who isn’t in their right mind consumes it then they are said to have suicidal thoughts. The risk of liver failure and mental health issues getting worse aren’t the only two cons with drinking so it is recommended to not consume liquor.

2) Junk food – Foods rich in oil and less in nutrients are to stay away from. As tasty as they maybe they are said to affect health in a negative way. Trans fat present in processed foods, fats present in red meat, and even some oils that are rich in Omega-6 fatty acids are said to affect health in a really bad way.

Diet isn’t the only way one can control their mental health, there are a few other ways that people can help themselves:

1) Meditation – This is said to help people calm their mind drastically. People do not even have to get out of their comfort zone or take out too much of their time for this, it is recommended for people who do not have any problems too just to help make them feel better.

2) Sleep – No matter how old one is, it is absolutely necessary for adults and kids to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep each day. Being too tired all the time is also a way that mental health gets worse.

3) Exercising – The exercises that we do not only keep our body fit but it is a way to keep our mind fit too. Exercising every day for a little time has shown massive improvement in people’s mental health and is said to be a way for stress release.