Frequent Headaches? Serious or not so Serious?


Do u know the headache is not a primary disease? But still, you have frequent headaches? Isn't it making you feel very uncomfortable? Above all having frequent headaches is an annoying feeling too. Having a headache can make your day miserable. Most of us generally ignore Headaches considering it as a simple thing. Without taking it seriously we will just take a pill or something when we have an ache. Pain or sensation upon the eyes and in the region of the forehead is called a headache. continuous aching in the same spot is known as Frequent headaches. Headache sometimes causes heavy pain and a mild sensation some times. It generally starts suddenly and lasts up to hours or sometimes even for days. Headache may also occur frequently or occasionally.

General causes of Headache

1. Muscle tension 

2. Head injury 

3.Stress and Depression 

4. Sinusitis 

5. Migraine 

6. Cluster 

7. Crying

8. Physical exertion 

9. lack of sleep.

Types of Headaches and their symptoms

There are several types of headaches but many of us are not aware of all this headache. Let's take a look at it.

Tension Headache:

One of the most common headaches every one faces. However, it is caused by the tightness of muscles in the head, scalp, and neck. A poor sitting or sleeping and stress are the reasons for this type of headache. 

Symptoms of Tension Headache: 

1. Pressure around the neck 

2. Stiffness in neck and shoulders.

Cluster Headache:

The extremely painful and short duration headache is called a cluster headache. They may also occur in a cyclic pattern and may awaken you in the middle of your sleep.

Symptoms of Cluster Headache

1. One-sided pain 

2. Restlessness 

3. Swelling or redness in the eye on the affected side 

4. Stuffy or blockage in the nose on the affected side.

Post-traumatic Headache:

Headache caused by Trauma to head because of any past accidents comes under Post-traumatic Headache. 


1. Trouble sleeping 

2. Double vision 

3. Headaches worsened by head movements

Migraine Headache:

Severe pain in the forehead and vomiting sensation is called migraine. This sensation deals with a smell, sound, and light. Moreover, a person who is suffering from this type of headache feels uncomfortable to perform daily activities. 


1. Pain on one side 

2. Vomiting 

3. Nausea 

4. Sensitivity to light and sound

Caffeine Headache:

Caffeine one of the best reliever from a headache can also cause it. Only the regular who take caffeine in little high dosage can result in headache. Actually it narrows the blood vessels that surround the brain. After regular intake of coffee and if you skip suddenly this headache may affect you. 


1. Irritation 

2. Lack of concentration.

Hormone Headache:

The sudden fluctuations in the hormones result in this type of Headache. This type of headache is commonly seen in women.


1. loss of appetite 

2. Joints pain

3. constipation

Sinus Headache:

Headache caused by Allergic reactions in the sinuses. The pressure in the sinus due to stuffed mucus also causes a headache. 


1. Runny nose 

2. Fever 

3. Swollen face

Hypertension Headache:

When a sudden rise in blood pressure causes hypertension headache.


1. Breathlessness 

2. Dizziness

Rebound Headache:

Overuse of medicines causes this type of headache. especially frequent painkiller usage cause this type of headache. 


1. Restlessness 

2. Relieves with painkillers but starts again when the medication wears off

Prevention is always better than cure. Ensure to visit a doctor and have a checkup if you have frequent headaches.