Good News For Samsung Fans Galaxy Note 20 Release Date, Specs & Price Leaked


Samsung fans are waiting for the new release of their galaxy 20 series, every year Samsung releases one of their phones in August. This year will be no different, there is some new information suggesting that which are currently surfacing everywhere.

Samsung will be releasing Galaxy note 20 along with Galaxy fold 2, Galaxy watch active 2 and Samsung Galaxy tab S7 in the coming days.

Recently the news has been surfaced or most likely to be leaked that the Samsung products are most likely to be released in August 5th, the mist awaited Galaxy note 20 series is to be released around August 5th.

The news surfaced first from the Korean news site, Dong-A Ilbo, and Ice Universe on Weibo both of these sites claim to know it with certainty that Samsung will be the releasing their products on August 5th.

Many products at once if Samsung releases which is proven to be true as those sites suggest, then it will be a blockbuster hit, all the product releases which have been on a delay and the dates have been pushed all along due to many crises will be apparently released in just one day which sounds exciting and also is very spectacular.

There are no official details given out by Samsung but Ice Universe has told the world that Galaxy note 20 will come out in two versions, one6.42-inch, 3245 x 1084 screen and another one will be the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra which will be a huge phone with 6.87-inch, 3096 x 1444 display.

Galaxy Fold 2 will the next version of Galaxy Fold which was released last year, it will show the flexibility of its display technology, and the other products coming up is a big curiosity to everyone there are no information on what the other products will be ringing on to the table but it most likely to be very experimental and different.

Leaked Price of Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Price of Samsung Galaxy Note 20: $1,200 to $1,400

Display features: 6.87 Inches AMOLED Display 

Processor information: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865

5G Availability: Yes

RAM Size:12GB

Storage Space: 256GB/512GB

The camera features:108MP, 13MP, 12MP, laser autofocus

Battery Capacity: 4,500 - 5,000 mAh