Google Removes Indian App "Remove China Apps" From Play Store


An Indian app created by the OneTouch AppLabs gained immense popularity of more than 5 Million users in less than two weeks and this is because of the Indians growing sentiment against the Chinese and promotion of their goods.

This app was taken off the Play Store as it violates the policy of Google which says that an app cannot suggest in any way to remove another one from the user’s phone in any way.

In the little time that this app has surfaced on the internet, its news had reached to the Chinese and they responded saying if this continues they’d be facing consequences from Beijing.

The other Chinese have commented on this situation saying that Indians should throw out their cellphones as most of them have been manufactured by China.

Indians have been taking a more active role in checking whether companies they invest in are owned by other nations, and if this is done right and we invest in our nation’s companies then we’d be ‘self- sufficient’ says the Prime Minister.