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Hundreds of Elephants Found Dead Mysteriously in Botswana, South Africa


Mysterious deaths of Elephants in Botswana has been reported for the last two months.

There were about 350 elephants that were found dead at the beginning of the May month, in the Okavango Deltas.

Botswana is one of the places with the growing deaths of elephants in Africa. Dr. McCan had told the news channels and media about these astounding deaths of elephants and that they had found over 165 dead elephants in just a three-hour flight ride.

Later the numbers increased to 350 and more, over a small period of time.

What is the reason behind Elephants Death? 

The reason behind the deaths are uncanny, as there is no specific issue which has been found for these deaths, they say that the death numbers could be understood if there were a natural calamity like drought or so, but nothing of that sort has happened are related to the deaths of these elephants.

The very ultimate reason for these deaths would-be poachers, but here is the catch, none of the tusks were taken or any body part externally was harmed.

Poachers also use cyanide as a part of their plans to harm animals like elephants, but if cyanide was used then other animals would be harmed as well. There are no signs of harm on other beings except for the elephants and hence the government of Botswana has stroked out the cause of these elephants as poachers.

Last year due to natural anthrax poising 100’s of elephants was found dead, so this was too assumed a reason for their death but Dr. McCan ruled this reason out as there was no anthrax poison in the systems of these elephants.

There are symptoms or showings of a poison or any diseases in the dead elephant, Dr McCan says it could be something that is directly attacking their neurological system.

Dr. McCan says that the exact reason of their death is unknown and ruling out diseases also is not fair, the possibilities of their deaths could be COVID-19 too, which is unclear till now.