I Have One Car, Sold Jewellery & Lives In Rent-Free Home Says Anil Ambani


Anil Ambani, who is facing a lawsuit by three Chinese banks in a UK court, during a hearing on Friday, said he paid legal fees for the case by selling off jewellery. 'I'm a simple man of simple tastes,' he said

Anil Ambani, the embattled chairman of Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADAG), who went from being sixth richest person on the planet to ‘zero net worth’, told a UK court on Friday that he sold off all his jewellery to pay off legal fees. The younger sibling of Asia’s richest man Mukesh Ambani also told the UK court that he is a “simple man of simple tastes” and owns just one car.

The indebted businessman said he received Rs 9.9 crore after selling all his jewellery between January and June 2020 and owns “nothing meaningful”, according to a Times of India report. He also said that “speculative media stories” about his lifestyle were greatly exaggerated when asked about his fleet of cars. “I have never owned a Rolls Royce. I use just one car at present,” the report quoted Ambani as saying.

The industrialist made the claims during the hearing of a lawsuit brought by three Chinese companies on an alleged breach of personal guarantee on a debt refinancing loan.

The three Chinese banks who filed the lawsuit include–Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Development Bank and Exim Bank of China –which claim they are owed a whopping $680 billion in dues after an alleged breach of personal guarantee on a debt refinancing loan of around $925 million.

“My expenses are minimal and being borne by wife and family,” Ambani added. “I don’t have a lavish lifestyle and no other income. I met legal expense by sale of jewellery and, if I have to meet further expenses, [it] will be subject to approval by the court to dispose of other assets.”