Indian Aviation Sector May Take 2 Years To Recover From Crisis


India’s aviation industry may take up to two years to recover from the turmoil caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, said IndiGo, the country’s top domestic airline. The budget carrier is focusing on controlling costs and maintaining liquidity to tide over the crisis, CEO Ronojoy Dutta said in a virtual interview. He said recovery would also depend upon how soon other nations reopen their skies.

Lockdown & Coronavirus Panic Keeping People Choose Not To Fly

We can all agree to the fact that due to the pandemic situation, business and leisure travel may take a back seat for some time until the virus subsides to a great extent.

However, the risk of transmission of Covid-19 from one passenger to another passenger onboard is very low, making flying the safest way to travel.

The reasons for this are that the customers sit facing forward and not toward each other, seatbacks provide a barrier, the use of HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters and the direction of the airflow on board (from ceiling to floor), and the limited movement onboard aircraft once seated add to the onboard protection. Furthermore, as a responsible airline, we have also taken steps to ensure our passengers and crew members are safe while onboard.

When will Aviation Sector Return To Pre-COVID-19 Travel Demand?

There have been a lot of estimations that predict the recovery of the aviation industry, which has been hit hard by this pandemic. We believe it may take 18-24 months to recover from the current situation to come back to the pre-COVID-19 levels of travel demand, also depending upon how other countries resume international operations.

International travel demand will largely depend on how different countries are placed in terms of Covid-19. We expect the aviation industry to slowly and steadily rise even stronger. Furthermore, what will drive this recovery is consumer confidence in airlines.