Indian Jeweller Sets Guinness Record On Setting 7,801 Diamonds In 1 Ring


Indian jeweller Kotti Srikanth has set the Guinness world record for the most diamonds set in one ring, "setting a staggering 7,801 gems into a flower-shaped ring". The design process for the ring started in September of 2018. "We worked with many flower-based designs. Of these Camellia design...had most visual appeal," Kotti said.

The diamond ring was unveiled earlier this month and is inspired by the Brahma Kamalam, a rare flower that is considered extremely pure and used for religious purposes. It is also supposed to have medicinal properties. The ring was first conceptualised in 2018 and it took over 11 months to make. The ring is in the form of six layers which each layer having eight petals.

The makers submitted the ring to the Guinness World Record last year and after several rounds of verification, the honour of the ‘Most Diamonds Set in One Ring’ title was bestowed upon it. Authorities had to make sure that the diamonds used in the ring were conflict-free and natural.

The Guiness World Records Facebook page also shared a video on the ring focusing on the process and the hard work that went into making the ring.