Indore: Policeman Teaches 12 Year Old Boy Who Aspires To Become Police Officer


As a teenager was unable to pay tuition fees, a policeman in Indore showed an amazing gesture that went viral. Check this amazing story.

Every day after long hours in official duties, Vinod Dikshit, a station house officer from Palasia in Indore, teaches a teenager Mathematics and English to help him achieve his dream - joining the police.

"I met this boy one day during patrolling. He said he wanted to be a policeman, but can't afford tuition. So I started teaching him English and Maths," said Mr Dikshit.

The teenager, Raj, met the policeman while he was patrolling at a neighborhood during the coronavirus lockdown. The boy is outspoken and smart, the policeman said.

"During the lockdown, we used to patrol his neighborhood. Once he told me that he wants to be a policeman. I told him that he will have to study. He then said that he will study if I taught him," said Mr. Dikshit.

For the last one month, the policeman has been teaching Raj, who belongs to a poor family.