Kamal Nath Questions MP Govt, Why Liquor Shops & Why not Temples?


Recently among all the other states, there was a debate of whether or not the liquor stores should be opened the CM of West Bengal had something else in mind, that Temples should be opened, while this is also an extremely controversial topic it was applied on the 1st of June.

Using this point as an advantage Kamal Nath is trying to point out that Mamaji i.e, Shivraj Singh Chouhan the current Chief Minister of MP from BJP is ready to open the liquor stores aren’t ready to let the people who need to worship fulfill what they want. Kamal Nath doesn’t seem to stop at this but he also says that the promises that Mamaji made about protecting women and girls by closing the liquor stores at first were all just a sham.

The point that Kamal Nath has made isn’t wrong as liquor stores were opened in the red zones too which just increases the probability of more people getting affected in these areas, it almost feels as though the leaders themselves want the COVID – 19 cases to increase. But in the outlook when professionals were asked about this they told that places of worship being opened is also not a great decision as it is an enclosed place with multiple people and it is a high-risk place for senior citizens to visit due to the virus being life-threatening to them.

In the course of such a deadly virus quite a few cities have let the liquor stores be open for a set period of time, everything has pros and cons but this decision has a lot of downsides to it compared to the other way around because as the public who is used to alcohol has already started taking precautions and getting prepared for being quarantined again and stocking up whatever is possible for them by waiting in lines at multiple stores for long hours, even if one person there carries the virus would affect them all and multiple chains of people would’ve occurred.