Leader & Villagers Celebrate Birthday on Zoom Call


Amid Coronavirus pandemic, youth leader, and followers are setting an example by celebrating a birthday by maintaining social distancing. Interesting isn't it? Let's get into this

While many politicians and celebrities were seen partying without masks amid coronavirus, a village in Andhra Pradesh have made an inspirational gesture by celebrating their leader's birthday in zoom call.

Isn't that amazing? We all loved it, We hope this story has something to inspire many others.

East Godavari District, Peddapuram constituency villagers showed this amazing gesture of celebrating their beloved leader Palakurthi Srinubabu's birthday in Zoom Call.

Palakurthi Srinubabu is TDP Party leader in Peddapuram Constituency G Medapadu, East Godavari District. He is 2 Times AMC Chairman. He is renowned as the most active leader in Peddapuram Constituency E.G, Andhra Pradesh

P.Srinubabu has participated in many welfare activities and has been the voice of his village. He has dedicated his life to social works and the welfare of his constituency people.

Every year, the villagers of the constituency celebrate his birthday. This time due to coronavirus pandemic, they have innovatively came forward and celebrated 47th birthday of Palakurthi Srinubabu on Zoom call.

Talking about this, a villager said, "P. Srinubabu is our beloved leader, he strives hard every day for the welfare of our constituency and we celebrated his birthday on zoom call to show our gratitude towards him."

We wish you a very Happy Birthday Mr. Palakurthi Srinubabu. Keep inspiring people.