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Lockdown Edition: Building Your Skill| Build Skills To Avoid Recession


This lockdown has not only affected the affected virus affected people but everyone with a job or their own the company got affected by this drastically. It is definitely new for everyone to stay home all the time working, video calls, long-distance collaborations, and spending more time on the planning instead of for the final result.

Every company has its own take over the pandemic, the stocks, and situations of a lot of companies have fallen down while on the other side of the river have hit the rooftop, there are three kinds of ways any company changes its future and recovery:

V-shaped recovery: The name stating it all, the recovery of a company will happen back to its original state after it hits the rock bottom, this might take a very little time but it is guaranteed to bring your company back to its original state.

W shaped delay: This is the recovery which takes a moderate amount of time for the company to bounce back better. In this, the company goes down and comes up and might lose its value again but will emerge stronger if it has the resources to do so. This may take about 2-3 years.

L shaped disaster: The name says it all, this is the worst thing any company can experience. When the company is at its ups and suddenly due to multiple reasons hits rock bottom but doesn’t have the resources to clean itself up and stand up on its feet, this is that disaster.

We all have different jobs and got affected in various ways, it isn’t about the situation just now but it is about what will happen after the virus stops, there will be a loss in jobs, the job market will not jump up to its high that quick. Considering all the months every candidate should be different in some of the other ways when compared to the crowd. We should always keep in mind the short term goal and the long term goal.

Short-Term Goal:

For a lot of us, there isn’t any job surety right now. This unpredictability only matters to those who are basic with minimum qualifications whereas when one has multiple skills and can help the job provider with a wider range of knowledge than others then it will all be fine. It isn’t stressed upon enough, skills are what is required in a job market and the lockdown is a perfect time to help them grow. So make sure to use this pandemic time to build your communication & management skills.

Long-Term Goal:

If the lockdown is here to stay then there should be measures taken to meet up to the post lockdown times. One can use the long work from home time to get to know their competitors better or even their own strengths and weaknesses and build these from the bottom up.

Jobs that will bloom in future

There are a few jobs and fields that have less effect on this pandemic. Creative & digital jobs are blooming up in this time since people are more online due to lockdown. So here are a few jobs you should check it out.

  • Content Writer
  • Blogger
  • Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Telecallers 
  • Telemedicine agent
  • Healthcare Associates
  • Graphic Designer 
  • Website Designer & Developer
  • Online Teachers
  • Communication Skill Trainers