Mumbai: Yerawada Central Jail Inmates Can Now Make Video Calls To Relatives & Lawyers


Yerawada Central Jail inmates can now contact their relatives and lawyers via a video calling facility. Following the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, lawyers approached the court seeking a way to contact their clients in jail. The court ordered the jail authorities to facilitate a lawyer-relative –inmate interface through the video calling facility.

As per the court's latest orders amid Coronavirus pandemic, Yerawada Central Jail inmates can now contact their lawyers and family members through video calling. Following the COVID-19 lockdown, lawyers approached court seaking a way to contact their clients in Jail. So the court ordered the Jail authorities to facilitate lawyer-relative-inmate video calling facility. 

Following the court orders, the jail authorities are purchasing smartphones. 39 to 60 jails in the State have already purchased th smartphones. Yerawada Central Jail authorities bought 2 smartphones and Kolhapur jail bought 5 smartphones and Nashik 4 smartphones and Mumbai bought 2 phones. 

To avail of the video call facility, the family members or lawyer should send an email to jail administration seeking an appointment for the inmate and get themselves registered for the video calling. Once the registration is done, the authorities will inform them about the date and time of the video conference.