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New Virus Found: China Confirms Bubonic Plague in Humans


The Bubonic plague is seen in inner Mongolia the city is on high alert as the diseases have been on the rise now.

It has been very deadly in the past, and has emerged again now.

The first case was detected in the Bayannur city, a hospital in the city alerted the required people and now there is a high red alert issue there.

The person affected is now in isolation and been taken care of, he is now is a stable condition according to the hospital.

The bubonic plague transfers from bee bites or animal bites, it was a deadly plague in the middle ages, it was amongst 50 million people back then.

Todays day medicines can prevent and solve the diseases and death can be prevented if the actions are taken quickly.

The local authorities have suggested that people stop eating animals, hunting them or being around them. They should be in protection at all times and must take precautions and keep themselves safe.

The public was asked to report the finding of animals or as such, they have found a large ground squirrel which is eaten and which has mostly caused the emerging of this plague again.

This animal, marmot was hunted down for its fur then eaten, the fur products were then transported again which ended up infecting many on the way. Pneumonia plague epidemic in 1911 was the reason for the diseases.

This caused the bubonic plague, first seen amongst two brothers who ate the marmot. Again a child who ate marmot is found to be contaminated by the bubonic plague.

The marmot’s kidney was consumed by a couple in the path of thinking that it was good for their health.