OnePlus to Launch Budget TV On July 2nd 2020


By July 2nd reports have told that OnePlus is all set to release their new models of TV which will be feasible to the layman.

Last release Tv’s were not really a feasible form of Tv that was released from OnePlus, their TV models were OnePlus TV Q1 and OnePlus TV Q1 Pro which started its pricing from Rs 69,900 which was later not much appealing and hence this time they have made sure that the TV pricing will be good enough for the layman and appealing to them.

The OnePlus team are planning on taking companies like Xiaomi and Vu which have very mediocre products for the layman.

They want to reach the audience in the maximum way possible, and that is why this idea is for basically reach out for middle-class families. They want to provide comfort and good and yet simple design TV for the layman.

The company has been hinted that the One Plus will launch Rs.20,000 entry-level TVs along with mid-range TVs. While they are pretty much confident in sales, even the One Plus fans are waiting for to buy and flaunt OnePlus Tvs.