Pune To Start Rapid Antigen Tests For COVID-19


On Wednesday, the Maharashtra government has decided to conduct rapid antigen detection tests for COVID-19 diagnosis in Pune. Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) will conduct these tests in Pune in a couple of days.

Talking about it, an official said that this plan is to decrease the burden on the National Institute of Virology (NIV) and other laboratories. PMC has already received a 1 lakh rapid antigen testing kit.

As of June 30, 17,000 COVID-19 cases were reported in Pune and 643 people died so far due to Coronavirus.

PMC Commissioner Shekar Gaikwad said that the accuracy rate of the rapid antigen test is 90 percent and this will give results within less than 30 minutes. The spread of the disease can be restricted by doing this. He also added, “This test is cost-effection, and there is no need for laboratory examination of the samples.”

However, the rapid antigen detection test may see a rise in daily a number of cases in Pune and create panic situation among people.