Rahul Gandhi Talks About India-China Disputes


Rahul Gandhi sheds light on why China chooses to attack India over these years on the show Mann ki Baat.

He said India has been distributed and disrupted over the last 6 years, in terms of economic growth, foreign policies, relationships with all the neighboring countries, and more.

Rahul says that along these years Modi government has made India look weak in front of other countries which is leading to these attacks from all over.

"Since 2014, the PM's constant blunders and indiscretions have fundamentally weakened India and left us vulnerable. Empty words don't suffice in the world of geopolitics," he said on Man ki Baat.

He used the term “transactional” when it comes to relationships with other countries, he also spoke about unemployment hitting its peak in India which is another reason for India looking very weak and having a weak front in front of its neighboring countries.