Rajasthan: Congress Victory Signs As 107 MLAs Turns Up For CLP Meet


107 MLAs gathered at Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot's residence in Jaipur to attend Congress Legislative Party, CLP meeting to prove the government's majority among the speculations of political crisis. While at least 101 MLAs are needed to prove the majority in Rajasthan, 107 MLAs have attended the meeting which is a sign of victory. 

The issue started when the Congress high command sidelined the Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot and supported Ashok Gehlot. 

Ashok Gehlot is blaming BJP party for making the Rajasthan Government unstable and Sachin Pilot is in Delhi talking to the chiefs of the Congress Party. However, it doesn't look like it is going to favor Sachin Pilot as 107 MLAs turned up to the CLP meeting at Ashok Gehlot's residence.