Sources: Deepika Accepts Drug Chat With Karishma


Deepika Padukone admitted to the chats on drugs with her manager Karishma Prakash during their questioning by Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) on Saturday, sources said. They both were brought face to face and questioned about the chats from 2017, which the actor confirmed. The second round of questioning dawns on the duo as Deepika Padukone's unsatisfactory answers did not please the investigating agency.

They are both being confronted about the party at 'Koko', while KWAN's role is also under the lens. This comes after sources told Republic that Karishma told the NCB that 'hash isn't a drug.'

Deepika and Karishma Prakash were confronted with their chats from October 2017, where the former is heard asking for ‘maal’ and 'hash' from 'K.'