Telangana: Hyderabad Rain Deaths Raise To 50, Estimated Damage Over 6,000 Crore


Extreme overflow of rain and rainwater leads to damage to property and lives. At least 31 people in the greater Hyderabad area died due to rains in the last few days.

The Hyderabad lanes and roads turned into rivers and nine members of a family were washed away. 3 of their bodies were found and 5 other bodies are not found yet. The only survivor of the family is 55-year-old Mohd Abdul Tahir Qureshi.

Two days after a devastating fall of rains and floods, at least 50 people had lost their lives and damaged assets to be estimated at around Rs.6,000 Crore.

CM KCR held a meeting with the cabinet to review the damage and he has written a letter to PM Narendra Modi to release Rs. 1,350 Crore immediately for relief and rehabilitation work.