Top 6 Best Places to Live In World| Amazing Destinations Around The World


Don’t like where you live? Or want to move out of your current place? Then here are some best cities and places to live in for a very cheap rate and with all facilities and accommodations easily available.

1)Portugal is one of the beautiful countries to live in with very cheap expenses. The people and culture are very adaptable making it easier and flexible to live in. many jobs being available for the outsiders.

2)Panama is one warm country where there are fewer taxes to pay, with peaceful people around and also it is outside the hurricane area which makes it a better place to live in with no risks of natural calamities.

3)Costa Rica tops the list being one good place to be in with really good medical care and other amenities being available easily. It also comes under one of the cheapest places to live in.

4)Mexico comes next with high medical quality service being available, with very few expenses making it a place that one can definitely settle in.

5)Ecuador is a small place with a very low cost of living, rents and houses easily available and also makes sure that the health care facility is very good there. The lifestyle and living pace is very simple and easy to live in.

6)Vietnam a very modern city, with many historic sites to see, and a very popular tourist place. It is a place widely spoken in English, the cost is very cheap with very less cost of products and even houses to live in. all day to day commodities are cheap including health care services. They have a wide variety of job offers available there making a day to day income very easy and affordable.