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Top 7 Most Corrupted Countries In World


All governments are not looking for the best welfare of their people. In fact, many countries have been caught up in corruption scandals, some of it has caused political unrest against its citizens.

There isn’t a sure way to measure corruption in a country but there are data that can be used to rank countries that are seen as corrupt. For example, Corruption Perceptions Index, which was started in 1995, uses expert analysis and opinion surveys to find how corrupt a country is.

Here are some countries that are found as most corrupt countries:

1. Iraq: Corruption in Iraq is a threat to the country’s stability. It is endemic, systematic, and prevalent in the highest levels of government and believed to be only getting worse.

2. Pakistan: Corruption remains an obstacle for Pakistan and it is found to be widespread, prevalent in law enforcement and provision of public services. The judiciary is constrained by shielding corrupt practices from prosecution.

3. Iran: The Iranian economy has been surrounded by the country’s endemic corruption, struggling economy and reckless foreign policy. They faced healthcare crisis due to corruption and inefficiency of the government.

4. Nigeria: Political corruption is an existing phenomenon in Nigeria. It was estimated that they have lost over $400 billion to corruption since their Independence. It is the greatest obstacle preventing the country from achieving its potential.

5. Colombia: Various factors have contributed to corruption including drug trafficking, weak surveillance and harassment of whistle-blowers. It is an obstacle for companies in Colombo.

6. Angola: Corruption remains prevalent om Angola due to lack of balance, institutional incapacity and cultural immunity. Active and passive bribery are criminalized by the Probity Law, but they are rarely prosecuted.

7. Mexico: Corruption in Mexico has pervaded through several segments on society- political, social and economical and has affected the country’s effectiveness. This is all a product of the elite, authoritarian rule in Mexico.