Voice of Nature

Understanding the Pandemic- The Other Side of Coronavirus Pandemic


Corona! This six-letter word had brought tremendous changes in months that many summits and climate conferences failed to inflict in years. The disruption Corona caused has impacted the environment and climate on a great level. Nature began to heal and re-surged in many aspects.

As the people confined to homes, the number of vehicles on road fell massively, reducing carbon emission, and causing a considerable drop in air pollution, and improving air quality in many regions. The sighting of the Himalayas from towns as far as 100 miles has become possible with the improved air quality. This pandemic has shown us a lot of otherwise impossible miracles; clean beaches, clear waters, and empty highways. It has also promoted the governance system-controlled investments towards sustainable energy transition.

Environmental noise, unwanted noise generated by the industrial and engine vehicles, has been one of the main sources that discomfort the population and alters the natural ecosystem. With reduced public and private transportation, and industrial production, it has come down.

With the emptied roads and clear waters, the animals have begun appearing in spaces emptied by humans. Fishes in the canals of Venice and dolphins on the shores of Mumbai did strike a retrospection in the humankind of the abuse they have done to the environment. Cheetah on the otherwise busy roads, inebriated elephants in China, and the wild herb of goats taking over the Welsh town are a few more interesting instances. Descending of the pink flamingos upon Mumbai and the increase in tiger sightings in the Suburbans have become highlights of the lockdown.

If anything, this should be a moment to reconsider the human relationship with Nature and keep in check the actions to protect the environment.