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Ways Youth Can Fight Corruption In India


India has the largest youth population with about 600 million people being under 25 years old, no other country has more young people. This youth is the future of India. When come together, they can make some significant changes to solve problems in the country like poverty, corruption, illiteracy etc. They can be responsible to transition India on a large scale.

One such problem that can be reduced with the help of youth is Corruption. Corruption is a systematic and Institutional problem prevalent in all sectors of India. They can help reduce malpractices and increase transparency.

Some ways the to stop corruption are:

1. Youth should work in spreading awareness. Corruption happens most of the time, with people being ignorant to rules. Social media and the internet can be used to create awareness.

2. Youth should be honest and not susceptible to 'benefits'. They should not look for short cuts.

3. Youth can assist in bringing transparency through technological innovation.

4. Youth should be politically aware and spiritually conscious.

5. Adopting integrity standards is a smart business decision, especially companies doing business with the World Bank Group

6. Aligning anti-corruption measures with market, behavioral, and social forces.

7. Pushing for sanctions to punish corruption is a vital component.

8. Keeping citizens occupied on corruption at the local, national, international and global levels