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Why Feminism Is For Everybody? Why Should You Support Feminism?


Feminism is basic words mean that every person is treated the same irrespective of their sex, there shouldn’t be any domination or oppression. From ages, women are always undervalued when they are compared to men. In all fields, one can notice that the women in the society are paid less or there is gender-based violence. The goal of feminism is to put together a collection of movements or ideas that work towards the ultimate goal that is defining, establishing, and achieving equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women.

What are the different types of feminism?

There are three main types of feminism:

1) Socialist

2) Reformist

3) Radical/Separatist

Why feminism is for everybody?

When asked why anyone should encourage feminism, there is a simple answer which is that feminism is going to help women get better. If one supports feminism then they seem to uplift women and the way they’re viewed in the society without losing anything. So, when one isn’t going to lose anything and will be beneficial to someone else then support is the way to go. Everybody who supports equality should support equality because feminism is all about equality. 

How will feminism benefit society?

Feminism has brought a lot of change at least in western countries. There was a change that was noticed in the education received, equitable pay compared to men, women’s suffrage, and right to start divorce proceedings, right to choose regarding their own pregnancy. For the outsiders who haven’t seen or lived their lives in the shoes of these women, they wouldn’t understand how these little things make a huge difference in the lives of women in general.

How did feminism come into play?

In the early nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the first a wave of feminism started when the women in the society felt that they were not given equal recognition, rights or even the wage which led to them standing up in groups called feminists. These groups were mainly made up of normal middle class white women who wanted to achieve equal rights but as time passed through, this gained popularity leading women around the world to fight for their rights.