Why You Should Not Miss Coffee When You Work?


Coffee is one of the addictions that any person can easily addicts. Despite negatives here are some of the positive key points about having it. Many of us can't begin the day without a cup of coffee. This is also one of the satisfying drinks we take in a large quantity in all the countries. There are many industries dedicating their work to bring the finest grounded coffee to the consumer's desk. Many people do caution about the caffeine which is available in it. But consuming coffee in a sufficient quantity does no harm. Here are the seven reasons why you need to take coffee during your work hours.

1. It makes you Alert

Many studies have supported the fact that coffee makes you awake and alert. This one of the most potent and prevalent stimulants available in almost all products. But it is available in a reasonable amount only in coffee. It gives a boost to your central nervous system which makes you to stay awake. It also makes you keep alert and productive during work hours.

2.Helps you Live Longer

This line can surprise many of you but it's true that coffee can helps you to live longer if we have it in sufficient quantity. The National Institute for Health in the United State released a report comparing the risk of dying and the amount of coffee consumed. The studies conducted by the states that drinking coffee can reduce the risk of dying and this was directly related to the people who did not consume it during their lifetime.

3. It helps with pain reduction

Considering recent times most of the working places are a desk job one where one has to sit in their place throughout the day. Staying in the same positing for long hours may lead to muscular pain. Many studies also state that it helps in reducing the muscular pain caused by staying in the same position for long hours. Caffeine is also suggested as a pain moderator.

4. Everyone can Socialize more

The coffee vending machine in your office is the coolest thing to grow up relationships between colleagues. This is also working as a one-stop meet point for the employees and they can interact with each other while brewing a cup of coffee. This leads to more social interaction between the employees and helps to improve one's social circle. When you have more friends at the office, you can be more productive and also happier than before.

5. It keeps you Active

Consumption of coffee increases in metabolism. When you have active metabolism it helps to burn excess fat and also maintains a healthy body. Hence people are suggesting to include it in there diet who are working out and eating healthy to lose weight.

6. Reduces stress

Caffeine has a unique quality which reduces sleep-deprived stress levels to a great extent. Seoul National University conducted an experiment to prove this. They observed how genes and proteins react in a rat's brains when an aroma of coffee is exposed to them. After the experiment, they confirmed that the proteins protected the nerve cells from damage caused by stress by showing antioxidant properties. This confirms that Caffeine helps us in reducing the sleep-deprived stress.

7. One can become more Efficient and Productive at Work

As we already discussed above that having a coffee can make one more efficient and productive at work. The research about this fact has been going since 20th century. The second world war almost breaks mandatory among the working population.MIT in 2010 proved that employees who take regular coffee breaks are more efficient and productive during work.

Coffee is one of the observed stress busters and addictive drink in almost every country. Hence at the time of world war 2, the cost of coffee powder touched the heights of the sky. So considering the positives I request one to have coffee in a sufficient quantity for being active and productive in his daily life.