Why is it Not Good to Eat Junk Food?


Junk food refers to food and drinks that are low in nutrients and high in saturated fat, added sugar. Junk food is calorie-dense and nutrient-poor. It plays a major role in the obesity epidemic. Obesity increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and other chronic health conditions.

Eating junk food throughout the day causes high insulin levels prompting your cells to ignore the hormone, leading to obesity and Type 2 diabetes.


Some reasons How Junk food plays a role in Deteriorating Health:

1.    Junk food is the reason behind fatigue. It lacks proteins and carbohydrates required to keep the body healthy. Junk food makes you chronically weak, lowering your energy levels.

2.    Junk food may lead to depression in teenagers. A lot of hormonal changes take place leading to mood swings and behavioral changes.

3.    It impairs digestion. Junk food is deep-fried, causing acidity and irritation in the stomach lining.

4.    It causes the blood sugar level to fluctuate. Junk food is high in refined sugar putting the metabolism under stress.

5.    It affects brain functioning. A recent study suggests that junk food replace healthy fats in the brain and interfere with the signaling mechanism,

6.    It increases the risk of heart problems. Junk food increases cholesterol, a major factor for heart disease.

7.    It causes kidney diseases. A high amount of bad fats increases blood pressure in the body.

8.    It can harm the liver. A high level of trans fat can cause liver dysfunction.

9.   It increases the risk of cancer. Consuming too much fast food can increase the chance of developing colorectal cancer.