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Will Dogs and Cats Ever Evolve to Speak?


How many of us want our dogs and cats to speak up? Don’t we all want our pets to speak to us? Tell their needs and wants and how and when they want to be petted? How easy would it be if our dogs and cats would speak and we could convey everything to them and they would too? Wouldn’t our lives be easier? it certainly would.

In today’s article, we will give you the hope and joy that yes maybe one day in the next half of the century it could be possible for our dogs and cats to speak up to us according to the scientists.

It is said that the upcoming technologies and inventions can cause our pets and other animals to become cleverer and this can be mostly done using nanotechnology, a small chip or so which can be placed inside your pets’ body and which will help them evolve in many ways.

These methods will not help them in basic necessary things but will also help our pets to speak in our own language which will better our communication along with them.

There are speculations that there will be no more a dog language but only a human language which will come into place very soon.

There are also many difficulties in this process as there are proofs that the dog’s brain and their vocal cords don’t match which makes it a difficult situation for them to speak up on their own in our humankind off language.

With more inventions to come through and pass these many major difficulties scientists do see a possibility of your pet to be trained where they can talk to their owner and express themselves in a better and a clear way.